About Us

Sweet n' Pretty

It seems like only yesterday that I started taking cake decorating courses, but when I stop and look it has now been over 25 years!

My inspiration for cake decorating came about after my mum did a couple of courses and made some cakes which looked amazing.  I took it on like a fish to water and loved every cake.  My first cake was entered into a competition and I won first prize.  But then I gave birth to my second child and life became all a bit too busy to pursue my cake decorating and so I did not do anything for quite a few years.

In between baby #2 and baby #3 I took on a certificate course of Showcard & Ticket writing and actually came 2nd in the state of NSW.  This was followed by numerous courses in Calligraphy.

Sweet n Pretty came about after I stumbled on some images of beautifully iced cookies and I knew instantly that I had to have a go at producing my own cookie creations and together with my cake creations it was the beginning of a sweet journey.

I use only the best quality ingredients and have an overriding passion for excellence and detail.